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Brian Cregger
Automation Specialist

As an Automation Specialist, Mr. Cregger has a diverse background of system automation design and development. His portfolio includes development of the world’s first UV ns pulsed laser illuminated DLP projection driven 3D microstereolithography process and automation of over a dozen experimental control and test systems for collaborative research projects at the Mechanical Materials and Aerospace Engineering Department, Physics, Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers(CREOL), Molecular/Micro Biology and Chemistry Departments at the University of Central Florida.  His professional experience of commercial automation systems architecture, design and development includes a diverse background for projects that include automation control system and subsystem development and testing of next generation kidney dialysis systems for Baxter Corporation, Architecture and design of automated test systems quantifying system performance of insulin pump for the Medtronic Corporation, Development of a novel accelerated lifetime fatigue testing of artificial heart valves and development for Arbor Surgical Technologies a small biomedical startup in Irvine, California, development of system level testing for RF communication systems for Northrop Grumman Corporation, and development of a novel credit/debit vending systems and machines for Coin Free a small startup based out of Winter Park, FL.  Mr. Cregger is also the inventor of multiple forms of laser based manufacturing processes for production of polymer and ceramic Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.   
Brian’s primary expertise includes Labview automated control test and measurement system application programming, data acquisition hardware selection and integration with various brands data acquisition OEM products, transducer selection integration and calibration for pneumatic/fluidic management  feedback control and analysis, AC/DC driven control systems, optical system sensing and control, machine vision, motion control, automated report generation, data analysis application development, and custom component hardware and systems CAD design in Solidworks with a background that includes sheet metal design, custom machined components, rapid prototyped parts, and custom mold design.  Secondary expertise includes digital logic design using VHDL, embedded hardware programming using C and assembly languages, Visual Basic programming, AC/DC circuit integration and troubleshooting, and optical breadboarding.
Brian’s educational background includes more than 160 credit hours of study in the areas of Electrical Engineering Technology, Photonics Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida.  His professional training includes National Instruments Labview, Motion Control and Machine Vision programming, Beckhoff PLC automation programming.  Mr. Cregger is also an active member of the IEEE, SPIE, and OSA.   





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